Frequently Ask Questions

Some of our frequently asked questions.
  • How can you fund business loans in 24 hours?
    If a client can supply all the necessary documents requested quickly, then once received we can fund as fast as 24 hours, which is about the time it takes to check everything and wire the ...
  • What are the different programs you offer?
    We offer Business Loans, Business Lines of Credit, Commercial Loans, and you can check out our programs page to get more details.
  • Can provide loans with no UCC1’s?
  • If my credit is terrible can you still provide me a loan?
  • What do I need to do to get started and see if I qualify?
    You click on Apply Now and fill out your information which only takes a few minutes, then get pre-qualified in seconds. You can call or email our staff directly at 1 (954) 908-7770 or Email ...
  • How can you fund CRE loans in 1 week?
    If we have a cooperative client who can supply all the necessary documentation quickly and needs to get funded quickly then we can fund as quickly as title comes back clean which can take approximately ...
  • Can you provide unsecured loans with no personal guarantee?
  • Can we meet with you in person?

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